The Mas Teixidor dates from 1639. It is one of the 5 historic homestead of Caldes de Malavella and, long ago, a reference in the region, for its size, for the people who worked and for the service it gave, as it was one of the farms that provided water to the village.

We entered 1992 and found a dilapidated house. We began a slow process of reconstruction until 2014, when we decided to make a change and opt for a new life style. This was non-negotiable to do a Rural Tourism with the only idea of ​​sharing with as many as they want this wonderful house. And we achieved our goal in March 2021, opening doors and starting this adventure. And we will be very happy for you to come and spend a few days at our house ... your house.

We guarantee you a pleasant and quiet stay. And we also offer you the possibility to stay for dinner, a very practical aspect, because once you have dinner you can continue enjoying the house at night, playing cards, boardgames, billiards or simply talking to whoever you like best.


The house has the following equipment

Swimming Pool

80m2 salt water swimming pool, with 8m2 of beach (50cm high) ideal for children.

The "Club"

Located inside the house, it is the old space where they had cattle and the winery where they pressed the grapes with their feet to make wine. Reconverted into a games and TV room, it will delight children and calm parents.

The porch

Outdoor space covered with tables and chairs. It overlooks the fields, the orchard and the house. A privileged space where to make a dinner has no waste ... Here we offer our barbecues of sausage, lamb, chorizos, bacon and chicken, with salad and roasted potatoes, water and house wine for a 30€ price and for a 4 people minimum.

"La conillera"

Annex with sofas and a grand piano, ideal for drinking and having a good chat with friends. The bar will arrive soon...

Children's games

In general, the house is very prepared for children. Outside we have a wooden house with a kitchenette and tables that allows them to feed their imagination. They have a sandbox, bicycles, a basketball hoop, balls...


Reconverted into our wood store and ideal space for the ping-pong table and a pool table for kids.

The garden

We have a garden, which is one of the sources of the kitchen products we offer at home. Open to guests for a walk and, if you feel like it, help us pick a few tomatoes for the salad ... when it's season, of course!

The chicken house

A luxury chicken coop for luxury chickens. You can go in with your children to collect the eggs. And if appropriate we will make an omelette… since, in general, children cannot resist the temptation...


Pending renovation but already in operation. Our sheeps lives there. If they have recently been born, it is a spectacle to see the return of the sheeps and the reunion with the lambs.

The pond

Old irrigation water reserve. We managed to take a step around its perimeter, so that walking at sunset and giving dry bread to the ducks is a nice experience. If you come in early spring you will be able to see a diversity of birds and some migratory birds that stop for a few days.

The forest

The farm has 20 hectares of own forest. Distributed in two areas. Characteristic is the Pi Gros or "Pi d'en Llimona". It acquires this name due to the devotion that the catalan sculptor Llimona had for this pine. It stands out from the rest of the forest for its size. And we also have the so-called "Bosc Bonic" (beautiful forest in english), a staple of the inhabitants of Caldes, since they come to take routine walks and watch the sun rise. It's called the "Bosc Bonic"... because it's simply beautiful....